Table tennis paul+evi

The design of this product is focused on the typical needs of humans, the need to exercise, social belongings, aesthetics. This table tennis table is not only a piece of sports equipment, but also a functional piece of furniture. This way, you can use it both ways. In daily use it is a table to eat, sit, read on and for sportive occasions or if you would like to have fun with friends, it is a table tennis table to exercise. With this table you set trends in both, sports and furniture.

This table tennis table is, in contrast to others, easy to handle and light in weight but at the same time still very sturdy. It is separable in two independent tables, to use as functional furniture. It is very easy to build up, just by plugging the pieces together. So the whole table doesn´t need a lot of space, if you would like to store it. The table tennis table "paul+evi" is a multi-functional piece of sports equipment that also looks great as a piece of furniture. You don´t have to hide it in your basement or sports room, you can show it.

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