by Kathi Hermann and Denise Hachinger

An outdoorsofa which is comfortable, waterproof, sporty, cool, chique, posh, unique.


A sofa where two people can sit comfortable and enjoy the sun, with high back- and siderests to be save from the wind on the mountain. Of course the colors can be adjusted for different brands or events.

The sofa has a very simple base structure, that can be assembled and disassembled very quickly and can easily be transported to your events. The base structure framework is stringed with the waterproove, upholstered fabric cover, which is  structured like the „Moncler“ down-jackets. This upholstered sitting-surface is braced and fixed with belts on the steel-framework. The belts are inspired by the outdoorsport „slackline“, which gives the sofa a special and sporty touch. The belts are closed on the back of the sofa with golden clasps. The clasps are also inspired from the outdoorsportsector of climbing.


The comfortability of the sofa is again complemented with some waterproof cushions in order to have the perfect, sunny, super-comfortable moment on top of the mountain or any other event.

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