in memory

Animal species should not only exist in our memories or stories. Following generations should also have the opportunity to live in a rich, fascinating, healthy and especially working ecological system.

Live and let die is part of a big natural circle of life, which shaped the live on earth ever since. The last big species extinction was 65 Million years ago. The reason was a natural catastrophe, as always until the 17th century. But today this is different. More and more people are exhausting nature, with fatal consequences. From 62 000 analyzed species of animals and plants one third is globally threatened with extinction. (cf. www.wwf.de 21.01.2014)

„in memory” illustrates in a very pointed way the consequences of species extinction for nature. The landscapes are totally emptied. On one card you can see beautiful nature with fascinating animals whereas on the other one you get to see alarming emptiness. But both belong together, if we don´t stop the species extinction. This is how the game deals with nature and the impact of human behavior on it. But at the same time it shows, very straightforward, the relation between flora and fauna. Landscape and wildlife are linked and the dependency to each other is self-explaining.

The game “in memory” is supposed to bring to our minds, how empty and poor the world would be without its diversity. Every animal used for “in memory” is on the IUCN REDLIST as endangered, near extinct or extinct.

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