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Designmanagement brings, briefly, the two different disciplines design and management together.  It is supposed to manage all activities in a company, that are related to design in a long-term and sustainable way. Designmanagement is not only the business side of design, but also a holistic approach to the entrepreneurial focusing regarding its design-related activities.


The most important steps, the company has to be aware of, are briefly:

1. who is it

2. where is it at the moment

3. where would it like to be in the future


Some important steps to define those important mile stones and develop new strategies for Desigmanagement processes are, e.g. user observation and analysis, defining USP, trend research, positioning on the market, definition of target group.


To be able to fulfill the different requirements, we are working together with specialists  of different areas, like e.g. communication design and marketing.


If you plan a strategic reorientation or would like to optimize your current strategy, please contact us. If you would like to offer your customers Designmanagement as a service, let us know. And for further information, please also contact us, we are interested in any kind of task.

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